Newsletter-August 2017 

Message from Renshi Syed

Welcome to new members who have joined us this term. It’s been over a month now and we are excited to see your commitment and passion. Your regular attendance to lessons is the best proof of this. A big congratulations to members who have just been promoted to your next belts. Please remember your promotion comes with responsibility. You will feel the self-improvement by regularly training and the color change of the belt should never be a reason for your satisfaction. It should actually be perfection in your techniques, flexibility and strength (physical and mental).

It’s a request to all parents that you read the newsletter regularly and diarise any important notices and dates. Even though we follow up on some matters (usually if critical and effects your training directly), it’s difficult to approach you on an individual basis.

This time participation to the tournament (details below) is on invitation basis only. All Brown belts are welcome to apply but junior and intermediate belts have been selected by myself. If you are not a brown belt and are keen to participate in future tournaments, please let me know asap for my consideration.

Black Belt grading has been scheduled for the weekend of 11 and 12 November. Individual letters have been handed over to potential candidates. Please note the important dates in that letter and act accordingly.

We are planning to arrange some advance training sessions by Grand Master Mohammed Bin Ahmed in early November. The details of this will be confirmed in October.

You will have received your notebooks with your attached membership card. It is necessary for you to bring your notebook to the class and swipe the card for attendance. If you do not swipe your card, then it means you are missing on attendance. As a Club we pride ourselves in your growth and regardless of your age and belt level, we expect you to take pride as well, therefore, please take your homework seriously.

Karate Budokan Nz Inc Presents Spring Day Out

Karate Budokan New Zealand Inc. presents a fun filled day at Cornwall Park – our SPRING DAY OUT! Cornwall Park encompasses One Tree Hill and is a stunning, beautiful public park. This is a family event so please bring your family along to our Club gathering.

Date and TIme: Sunday 24th September 2017. 9.30 am – 3.30 pm

Programme includes : Light jog around the perimeter of the park (or perhaps to the top of One Tree Hill), then picnic lunch, team games, Karate training and more.

What to bring:

For the Jog: Shoes/Clothes/Cap to jog in

For the picnic: a Towel/Rug to sit on, Water, Picnic Snacks/Lunch

For the Sunshine: Sunglasses/Sunscreen/Cap

Unlikely event of Rain: Raincoat/Something warm to wear

For the Team Games/Karate: Karate Gi (no sparring gear required)

For the entire day: Your energy, your enthusiasm, your Club spirit.

Where to meet :

At New Windsor Primary School at 9.30am. Then we will drive to the Cornwall Park Band Rotunda to arrive at 10.30am. The Band Rotunda is a public area and a central meeting point for us (also shelter if it rains). We will set ourselves up within site of the Band Rotunda. To find this, drive into Puriri Park Drive, turn left at the roundabout, park by the flagpole and follow the directions. We are planning to finish activities and be ready to leave the park by around 3pm. Arrival back at New Windsor School around 3.30pm .

We hope you can join us?

Please send your name to Alison Harrison t o confirm your aendance.

Other details for Alison

Do you need a ride to/from Cornwall Park from New Windsor School? Do you have space in your car to transport others? Will you be meetng us directly at Cornwall Park? If other people are joining us from your family, what are their names?

We would love to see you and your family on the Sunday 24th September.

Saturday classes

Saturday classes are now open to beginners and also all our current members. New members joining Saturday-only sessions will pay $130 per term. Our existing members will pay $60 per term per member on top of your regular term fees. If you are serious about Karate and can make yourself available Saturday mornings, then please join us and watch your technique improve with the additional training. Blockhouse Bay Branch (231 Whitney Street, Blockhouse Bay) Time: 8.30 am to 9.30 am Number of sessions per term: At least 10

Grading in August / September
Blockhouse Bay Branch (231 Whitney Street, Blockhouse Bay) Time: 8.30 am to 9.30 am Number of sessions per term: At least 10

All grading events will be held at our Blockhouse Bay Branch (231 Whitney Street, Blockhouse Bay)
Orange to Blue and Blue to Purple Thursday, 24 August – 6.30pm to 8.30pm Fees payment last date: 15 August
Orange to Blue and Brown Kyus Saturday, 9 September – 8 am to 10.30 am Fees payment last date: 15 August.

Counties Shotokan Karate Tournament

Date and Time: Saturday, 26 August 2017. 8.30 am starts and ends around 5 pm.

Last date of fees payment: 18 August. $50 per paticipant (to be paid to LBKI account)

Where: Pukekohe Indian Community Hall. 55 Ward Street, Pukekohe Spectator Entry: $5 (to be paid at the event counter)

Sponsorship Oppotuunites
Thank you for a couple of businesses who voluntarily came forward to become our potential sponsors. We are a club relying completely on membership fees and not on any external funding. If you are a business and want to offer sponsorship to our club please let us know. Sponsorships can be offered for Equipment (we need them badly), Apparel and Events.

Little Useful Skills – Tip Of The Month

Further to the article in the June 2017 newsletter, below are basic skills for various social situations, looking at the right way (and sometimes the wrong way) to act. Most of you know the three skills for this newsletter but it is always useful to review basic skills that are real-life and important.

Dealing with the fear of trying something new. Tell someone you are feeling fearful is the right way, rather than acting angry and refusing to do something new. Perhaps you could ask if you can watch others first, until you feel more confident. Remember, it’s normal to be fearful the first time you do something, but the more you try it, the easier it will get. Then try again and maybe it was not as bad as you thought.

Conflict Resolution. When you are upset with others, try to schedule a time to talk with then. The wrong way would be to confront them without warning. When you are ready to talk, tell them in a calm voice what upset you. You can use an “I” message as a positive way to tell them your concern. For example pretend I’m upset, I would say “I felt upset when you did not help me”. Then listen to their side without interrupting. Check to see if you understand what they said. While taking turns talking, offer solutions that might work for both of you until you can come to some agreement.

Sharing Friends. It is important to let friends be with other people without getting jealous or angry. If you get angry and jealous, they may not want to be your friend anymore. When you give your friends space to have other friends, they might like being with you more. I like my friends being friends with other friends of mine. This is a positive approach to life.

The above three skills are small but important – try the skills out, practice in a real-life situation. – Alison Harrison

Term 4 fees invoices

Your Term 4 invoices will be available in the member portal from 1 September. Term fees must be paid before 29 September. If you wish to resign your membership from the Club, then please advise us in writing before 1 September. Once an invoice has been generated then membership cancellation is subject to membership termination fees plus one month fees.

Member Portal – almost everything you need to know about your membership

Our member portal and mobile app are handy tools where you can find the following information about yourself:

  • Invoices
  • Attendance
  • Important notices about classes, gradings, holidays etc
  • Tournament and grading results
  • Belt history

Portal can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Through website at
  2. By downloading app called ‘DojoLogin’ from Google Play or Apple Store

You need your UID and password in order to login to the portal. Please email to get your login details.

Important Links and Resources:

Member portal can be accessed from or using mobile app called DojoLogin.

Purchase your approved uniforms and sparring gears from

For any information about classes, online registration forms, member portal, accounts and grading etc email

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