March Newsletter

March Newsletter

In this Newsletter

  1. Renshi Syed’s Message
  2. Members Portal – Dojo Login
  3. Dress up requirement
  4. Monitor system
  5. Next grading and other information about the grading system
  6. Communication with Renshi Syed, Senpai Richard or Senpai Sebastian during class hours
  7. Self Defence Workshop
  8. Wearing sports shoes for outdoor running as a safety measure
  9. Class etiquettes
  10. No photography and videography
  11. LBKI Youtube channel Subscribe
  12. Black belt grading basic info
  13. Rules and Regulations
  14. Term Holidays
  15. Parents/Guardians invited to try Karate – Registrations open in only two sessions now!!
  16. Ramadan Classes
  17. Extra Classes
  18. Little Useful Skills – Tip of the Month

1. Message from Renshi Syed

Tena Koe Members,

Welcome to the new members who have joined us in recent months. This is our first newsletter of the year and we have tried to include every bit of information that is relevant to you. So please read this and note down the information that is relevant to you.

This has been an excellent start of the year for us. Some of you have already got promoted to your next levels – congratulations! Remember the feedback that was given to you on the grading day and try to work on that accordingly.

Our theme bases classes are going great, helping me a lot in maintaining a balance between the Traditional Karate, Fitness and Self defence. Do not forget to check the calendar that’ll help you bring your equipment.

The average attendance of classes this year from the start of the year until 28 February are as below. I understand some of you were away and started training late. However, I will be keeping an eye on these figures on a regular basis. I would like to see the average attendance of each class increases and reaches at least about 80%. Well, how can you help your class gets a better score? – simply by not missing classes.

  • MR 1 – Mt Roskill White and Yellow Belts – 61%
  • MR 2 – Mt Roskill Green, Orange and Blue belts – 71%
  • MR 3 – Mt Roskill Purple belts and higher kyus – 64%
  • NW 1 – New Windsor White and Yellow Belts – 63%
  • BHB 1 – BHB Green, Orange and Blue – 73%
  • BHB 2 – BHB Brown II, I and Black Belts – 76%
  • BHB S – BHB Saturday White and Yellow – 84%

Ngā mihi 
Renshi Syed

2. Members Portal – Dojo Login

Did you know that we have an online portal / mobile app where you can find relevant information to your membership?

You will find the following information when you log in:

  • Fees payments
  • Invoices
  • Attendance
  • Belt level, past grading date and results

We will soon send a separate email to all members with their login details. If you do not receive my email in a day or two following this newsletter, please email at

3. Dress up requirement

The club expects members to maintain a high standard of dress. LBKI approved uniform should be worn while attending the sessions. LBKI approved items can be purchased from

  • Members are expected to be clean and neatly dressed.
  • Members must wear the appropriate clothing at all sessions; this will be a Dogi with club badge and current association awarded belt unless advised by the Club Instructor.
  • It is important to make sure uniform Gi length covers your hips.
  • It is also essential to make sure uniform sleeves and pant legs are adjusted to an appropriate length.
  • Hair must be clean and tidy.
  • Watches and jewellery (rings, bangles, necklaces, ear studs etc) are not permitted as it can be a hazard, especially during sparring and self-defence practice
  • Nails must be trimmed as it can be a hazard to the opponent sparring and self-defence practice

Boys/ Men uniform

  • LBKI approved Karate uniform with the club badge
  • No extra pant underneath Karate pants
  • White t-shirt inside the gi (only during winter)

Girls/ Women uniform

  • LBKI approved Karate uniform with the club badge
  • White t-shirt inside the gi (compulsory)
  • Black or white tights to be worn under karate pants (optional)
  • Plain black pull on headscarves (worn for religious reasons only)
  • Hair ties black or white (hair must be tied back)
  • No metallic clips/ headbands

4. Monitor system

Thanks to Hafsah for volunteering to lead this project. Congratulations to these members for being selected as monitors of their respective classes. All members are requested to co-operate with monitors. They will record any issues mainly related to late-coming, neatness and discipline. Renshi Syed receives the report at the month-end and use that when shortlisting the grading candidates.

  • Aaliya Bhamji
  • Abdul Majeed
  • Rayhaan Isaiah Nand
  • Shaurya Guleria
  • Zaki Omar

Monitors must communicate with Hafsah / Israr and hand over the completed sheet to them on time.

5. Next grading and other information about the grading system

Next grading is on Saturday, 13 April. The final list of shortlisted candidates will be announced in the week of 11 March.

We have introduced the following grading system for Saturday class members. However, any other under 8-yr old in the weekday classes can also fall under this system. The number of classes and approximate months is only indicative. Renshi Syed holds the full authority of your grading eligibility – that mainly is about your performance but could include discipline, attendance, punctuality, turn up, attitude and other aspects.

Members attending sessions once a week or as selected by Renshi Syed

  • White to Yellow with a white stripe 20 (~ 5 months)
  • Yellow with a white stripe to Yellow 20 (~ 5 months)
  • Yellow to Green with a white Stripe 20 (~ 5 months)
  • Green with a white stripe to Green 20 (~ 5 months)

Members attending at least two sessions a week

  • White to yellow 30 (~ 4 months)
  • Yellow to Green 30 (~ 4 months)
  • Green to Orange 35 (~ 4 months)
  • Orange to Blue 40 (~ 5 months)
  • Blue to Purple 40 (~ 5 months)
  • Purple to Brown IV – 50 (~ 6 months)
  • Brown IV to Brown III – 50 (~ 6 months)
  • Brown III to Brown II – 55 (~6 months)
  • Brown II to Brown I – 55 (~ 6 months)
  • Brown I to Black – 55 (~ 6 months)

6. Communication with Renshi Syed, Senpai Richard or Senpai Sebastian during class hours

Members are strictly forbidden to ask Renshi Syed or our Senpais about their grading eligibility in their classes. Either wait when Renshi / Senpai calls your name or email Renshi Syed if you have any questions.

Please understand that we are trying our best to spend our time with you with quality training. Please do not ask them questions related to your Fees, Grading, Holiday and Leave, Batch Changes, Uniform requirement, Where to buy stuff etc. This all can be communicated with Renshi Syed through the email or a phone call to him. ( / 021-1887250)

7. Self Defence Workshop

With self-defence integrated into our grading system, we realised that the time being spent in your classes teaching self-defence is not sufficient. Therefore we are running these workshops for you. The idea is simple, we spend 2 quality hours teaching you the stuff that is exactly required for your grading. Next workshop is on Saturday, 30 March 2019 from 9 am to 11 am. More details and the link to registration form will be sent to you shortly in a separate email. Registrations will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

8. Wearing sports shoes for outdoor running as a safety measure

Members are requested to wear their running shoes regularly to your classes weather depending we will do running in the grounds. You are not encouraged to run barefoot due to the hazards that could be found on the grounds.

9. Class etiquettes

Coming late to the class is against the Club’s Rules and Regulations. If you happen to be late, do not join up without taking your Instructors permission.

Senior Members are requested to be mindful and help Renshi and Senpais with mats, door-closing, furniture etc.

10. No photography and videography

Please note that photography or videography is not allowed in the classes without Renshi Syed’s permission.

11. LBKI Youtube channel Subscribe

We have published some videos of Renshi Syed doing kata. Please subscribe to our ‘Lion Budokan Karate International’ Youtube channel to keep up-to-date. Renshi is planning to add more videos if he thinks people are viewing videos, subscribing and taking benefit of this.

12. Black belt grading 2019

This year Black Belt grading is going to be split into two different groups. One for juniors and the other one for seniors. Seniors’ tentative date is 23 November. Juniors’ date and all other information for both events will be available in June.

13. Rules and Regulations

Members are requested to visit our rules and regulations page on the website frequently. It is important you follow the rules and maintain discipline at all times.

14. Term Holidays

  • Last working day this term:  Thursday, 18 April 2019
  • First working day next year: Saturday, 27 April 2019

15. Parents/Guardians invited to try Karate – Registrations open in only one session now!!

Mt. Roskill Beginners is the only session we are still taking new members. All other sessions including Saturday classes are now closed for new registrations. If you are a parent/guardian of our existing members and are thinking if Karate is for you, then I am happy to offer you 2 weeks classes absolutely free. Please contact me before 15 March if you are interested.

16. Ramadan Classes

Ramadan (fasting month of Muslims) classes will continue as normal in May. Saturday class Muslim members (if fasting) will be allowed to take it easy and exclude themselves from running, cardio and any other tough exercises. There will be no make-up classes after Ramadan if you miss classes during Ramadan. However, you will be welcome to register for extra classes subject to availability and conditions. More details about extra classes are below.

17. Extra classes

If you attend your classes regularly and practice at home then you probably do not need to attend any extra classes. However, if you want to attend extra sessions, you can register by following this link

18. Little Useful Skills – Tip of the Month

What happens when someone has a growth mindset?

  • they know progress takes time
  • they put forth an effort
  • they ask for help
  • they learn from feedback
  • they get inspired by others
  • they view mistakes as opportunities
  • they are not afraid to go back if not successful
  • they love new challenges
  • they keep trying until they succeed
  • they love learning

How do we handle this if we have a fixed mindset?  Start with yourself and ask what mistake did I make that taught me something?  The whole idea is to focus on the learning process and see the possibilities.

By Alison Harrison (with acknowledgement to Big Life Journal)