Welcome to the new members who have joined one of the fastest growing traditional and modern karate clubs in Auckland. Your interest renews my passion towards this amazing martial art. Keep it up!

Congratulations to the participants of colour belt grading held on 12 May. You did great, and it’s fantastic to see you all in colour belts. As I always suggest that your higher level of the belt also comes with greater responsibility.

Membership based clubs are like families where juniors watch and learn from their senior fellow members. Therefore if you are already a colour belt, then you should be aiming at getting more disciplined and help your juniors learn from you. The following points will help you in self-assessment.

Be regular and on time to the classes
If late to the class, take permission from your instructor before joining
Maintain your uniform. It must be neat, tidy and of the correct size. Your club badge must be on your Gi at all times. You should ideally be buying a new karate suit at least once a year – especially growing kids.
Scan your membership card regularly – if you don’t scan the chances are that you are missing your attendance
Karate is not to be practised only during your class at the club. Practise at least 2-3 hours a week in addition to your dojo class hours
New members will shortly receive their membership cards and dojo portal login details.

Be confident and train hard – this will help you achieve your goals.

Renshi Syed

Monthly Fees Payment through Direct Debit
(applies to all members except Saturday beginners class)

In spite of rising costs to the club, we have been charging the same fees for our lessons for over three years. We need to make some changes to our fees structure effective July 2018. We want to continue providing quality training to our valued members. However, we still offer a discount to families of three or more members. Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Our new monthly fees are as below:

Instead of $160 per term per member, you will now be paying $60 per month per member through direct debit payment method. Payments can be arranged either through a bank account or debit/credit card.

  • One or two members from the same family: $60 per month per member
  • Third and any additional member from the same family gets 25% discount on monthly fees payments
  • Members attending Saturday classes as extra lessons pay $75 per month.
  • No change to Annual Membership fees of $50 per member payable with July monthly fees.
  • No change to existing members monthly fees for Saturday only beginners class

Grading fees per member (effective July 2018):

  • White, Yellow and Green – $60
  • Orange, Blue and Purple – $70
  • Brown Kyus – $80
  • Black Belt – POA

Changes to fees and the payment method – Fees payment now through the direct debit payment method

We are delighted to inform you that we have now partnered with EziDebit payment gateway system. Please complete the online form by following the link below before 25 May. Payment setup after 25 May will incur $10 per setup. If you have already given us your completed direct debit form, then please ignore this.

Important: Please select 1 July 2018 for Once Off Debit and 1 August 2018 for Regular Debits

  • Single Member:
  • Two members from the same family:
  • Three or more members from the same family will receive a hard copy of the form to fill up and return
  • Members attending Saturday class as an extra class will receive a hard copy of the form to fill up and return

Debit arrangement terms of direct debit form explained:

  • Once Only Debit amount in your form is against Annual membership fees of $50 per member plus the fee for the month of July 2018.
  • Regular Debits amount is against monthly fees payments starting August 2018.

Note: Direct debit option is only available for monthly fees and Annual membership fees. Any other fees to be paid by standard internet bank transfer as and when required and not through direct debit service.

Enquiries / Questions regarding payments:

Please email or call 09-9722215 for any queries you may have. Please do not talk to Renshi Syed at the dojos as he may not have the full information handy.

Little Useful Skills – Tip of the Month
Alison Harrison

We can all be leaders. Think of HOPE.

H = HUMILITY. A young leader will think “how can I learn from this”, rather than “I’m so great”.

O = OTHERS. Thinking like a leader means you encourage other people. As a leader you can highlight strengths and talents in people.

P = PLAY. Play to your strengths. Try lots of things and have experiences and then “go for it” and become excellent. How do you become excellent? You practise, work hard and learn all about what you want to be good at. Surround yourself by really great examples of what you want to be and take their advice.

E = EXTEND. Extend yourself. Be prepared to fail. When you try hard and take a risk, it becomes the road to success. A quote that may help “I wasn’t very good at running but kept running until I become good”.

All young leaders are great weavers of people, they’re humble, play to their strengths, take risks and extend themselves.

Holiday Program


Learn Self Defense, Build Self Confidence and Personality Development in a fun-filled environment

For ages 8 to 13 years


When: 16th July to 19th July
Time: 9am to 3pm
Where: Bay Roskill Sports Club,
231 Whitney Street, Blockhouse Bay
Age: 8 years to 13 years
Price: $230 for the first child and $215 for each additional child from the same family.

Register now and save minimum $30:

Until May 31st, we are offering registrations for only $200! Reserve your spot by paying $50 now and the rest before June 15th.

Transport arrangement is available at extra price.

For more details visit

For registration email

Important Dates

Last date to return completed Direct Debit form

Friday, 25 May 2018

Queen’s Birthday- No class

Monday, 4 June 2018

Eid ul Fitr – No class

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Motivational Talk

Friday, 29 June 2018

Term 2 – Holidays

16 July to 19 July

Holiday Program

16 July to 19 July


Saturday, 28 July 2018

Sparring equipment

The following items are compulsory for colour belts for being able to participate in sparring drills:

Yellow belts: Punching gloves and Mouth guard

All other colour belts:

  • Punching gloves
  • Mouth guard
  • Groin guard (boys only)
  • Shin and foot protector

Equipment must be LBKI approved only and can be purchased from


Website Calendar 

We have added a link to the calendar on our club website Please keep visiting that for any relevant information about the classes, events and holidays. Click on the item to read more about the event.

Good News!!! Free access to the video website

LBKI is delighted to offer members the free access to for one year. From 1 July 2018, you will be able to watch training videos in which Renshi Syed is giving good training tips. The videos will complement your training but cannot replace your sessions. You will have to request access by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click Login
Step 2: Click ‘Click here to register.’
Step 3: Click ‘Buy Now’ button of ‘Yearly’ column
Step 4: Click ‘Proceed to checkout.’
Step 5: Enter the information requested on Billing Details page and select Direct Bank transfer option.
Step 6: You will receive activation email before 1 July 2018.

Don’t worry you won’t be asked to pay any additional cost for the subscription of this service. Simply ignore the costs that are displayed on the website.

Next grading Saturday, 28 July

Next grading is scheduled to be on Saturday, 28 July. Renshi Syed will announce the names of eligible candidates in your classes soon. Keep an eye on the website calendar to find grading timing, event and any other details.

Please note there is no refund or adjustments to the grading fee if a candidate misses it due to late reporting or no-shows. However, if the candidate has health issues or any other emergency, then we must be notified by Phone call/ SMS / Email / Voice message at least 24 hours before the grading start time. In such cases your grading fees can be adjusted for your next grading test.

Tournament Squad

We have found that some members are very keen to participate in tournaments. Participation in tournaments is strongly recommended as it gives you an opportunity to compete with other dojo members. We are preparing a list of candidates who have keen interest in participating in tournaments. By this we will advise interested candidates of almost every opportunity that comes within the Auckland region and even nationally. Joining this list will not add any pressure on you to register for the tournament, but will just give us an idea on identifying who they are for ease of communication and for any special trainings if necessary.

Advertise on

With an estimation of over 6000 sessions/visits during 2018 by over 4000 visitors and 32000 pageviews our website average bounce rate is only 1.3%. The smaller the bounce rate, the better for website credibility and ranking.

We offer businesses an opportunity to advertise on our website at a price of only $550 + GST for one year. If you want the ad to be designed, there is an additional cost of $75 + GST. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please share the details.