Tena Koe Members,

The year 2018 is at the end with significant milestones achieved. Individuals, families and the club has some great success stories to remember, share and to feel proud about them. One of the most significant achievements for us as a club is our visit to Japan.

My purpose of visiting Japan was to meet and talk to the Grand Master Kancho Yoshitoshi Sato about forming a relationship between Lion Budokan Karate International and Okinawa Shorinji Ryu Seishin Kan Karate. Kancho Sato is a living legend. In his mid-80s, he is fit and active and taught us some great techniques. He also took us to historical and famous places in Okinawa. Okinawa is known as the Birthplace of Karate.

A huge thanks to Hanshi Chris who organised this trip. Without his support, this wouldn’t have been possible. His amazing experience in dealings with Japan and the art of Karate-do itself has been a great help to us. Thank you, Hanshi Chris.

Taufil Omar, Sebastian Derksen and I travelled along for a 10-day trip. We also got an opportunity to participate in the All – Japan tournament in Fukuoka. Taufil’s performance was excellent in winning the first place in Open Individual Kumite (sparring). Sebastian made it to 3rd place in team Kumite with Taufil and William. Congratulations guys for your winning. The club is proud of you all!!

We attended about eight training sessions there, where either Kancho Sato or his senior Black belt students were taking the class. Our training sessions were held at a local community centre, Kancho’s home dojo in Fukuoka, (late) Kancho Joen Nakazato’s home garden in Okinawa, Kaikan Martial Arts facility in Okinawa. It was indeed an honour to spend time at these places and learn from the legends. Kaikan is a JPY 65 billion facility entirely dedicated to Karate and martial arts activities. I wish we have something similar here in New Zealand.

What does it all mean for you?

With our existing affiliations with India and now extended relationship with Japan will sure bring excellent news for you all in one way or the other:

  • Improved quality of training
  • Addition of traditional Okinawan techniques to your syllabus
  • Opportunity to visit Japan for further training or tournament participation
  • Opportunity to visit India for additional training or tournament participation
  • Opportunity to train with instructors from India and Japan when they visit New Zealand

Ngā mihi
Renshi Syed

Private classes

We are organising private lessons for interested members during the holiday period. The class will have a maximum of 4 members of any age and level. You can contact Renshi Syed and organise a time for this. Each session fee is $120.

This is an excellent opportunity for members to spend some quality and entirely focused time with Renshi Syed.

The days and hours to choose from are:

  • Days: 27 and 28 December and 3 and 4 January
  • Hours: 9.30am to 10.30am and 3.30pm to 4.30pm
  • Session fee: $120 per hour per group of maximum four

If you are an individual and looking to form a group, drop us an email with your interest and preferred time slot. We will try our best to accommodate you with other members interested. This way, if you manage to form a group of four, then each participant pays $30 only.

What will you learn:

You can advise Renshi Syed what is that area you need to work on. It could be Kata, Sparring, Combinations, Fitness and exercises etc.

Spring Day Out – Beach Training and Family Picnic

Karate Budokan New Zealand organises family picnic each year. The numbers participating are increasing every year. This time we had over 70 people attended with full of energy and enthusiasm. A big thanks to the families who spent time with us and travelled all the way to Wenderholm Regional Park.

Kids, Members and Parents all participated in one event or the other. Here is the programme we followed:

Beach Training: One-hour full-on training at the beach. Members enjoyed training Basics, Exercises, Kata, Self Defense and some Takedowns. Training in Gis while getting wet from head to toe is something simply amazing – impossible to define that experience in words.

Perimeter Walk: About 1.5 hours of easy to moderate perimeter walk was one of the main things to cover. Almost everyone attended the day made to it. A couple of families were lost and arrived late at the base. But since it was an easy walk with good directions and signs, so they managed to join the group without any issues.

Games: We played Tug of War, Kabaddi (The national sport of Bangladesh), and LBKI Got Talent. It was amazing to know the skills and the talent our young members have got.

Well done every one. Thanks to Hafsah for organising the event, and thanks to Taufil for site booking and leading the Perimeter Walk. Thanks to all who participated and made it a grand successful event of the year.

Little Useful Skills – Tip of the Month
Alison Harrison (with acknowledgement to Karen Young)

We all have the power of self-control.
Self-control is being able to manage behaviours and emotions to get to a longer-term goal. This means delaying gratification, controlling impulses, pushing through frustration and persevering with a challenge. It has been proven that children who have higher levels of self-control are more likely to be healthier (and wealthier).

Self-control feeds directly into decision making. Teens with higher self-control are better able to calculate risks and therefore learn and grow from these.

To all the teens out there, a great opportunity to learn self-control is with saving money. If you’re heading to the shops, and you can see that your savings plan could be barrelled off course – stop and think. For example, what will it mean for you next week if you spend all of your money now? What about if you save it? Waiting for what you want can be tough! The more you think about it, the more your capacity for self-control is stretched.

Self-control is a quality that can be strengthened, whatever your age is. It sets you up to work-now / play later. A great skill when it comes to studying for exams.

Sparring equipment

The following items are compulsory for colour belts for being able to participate in sparring drills:

Yellow belts: Punching gloves and Mouthguard

All other colour belts:

  • Punching gloves
  • Mouthguard
  • Groin guard (boys only)
  • Shin and foot protector
  • Chest Guard

Equipment must be LBKI approved only and can be purchased from www.wsasports.co.nz

Christmas / New Year Holiday

  • Last working day this year:  21 December 2018
  • First working day next year: 7 January 2019
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