About Budokan Karate

Budokan karate is an internationally recognised martial arts style founded by Grand Master Chew Choo Soot in Malaysia in 1966. GM grandmasterChew Choo Soot was born in Malaysia on 7 February 1922. GM Chew was a feather weight and light weight champion of weight lifting in his late teens.

GM Chew started his Martial Arts career in Malaysia, later visited Japan and Okinawa for advance Karate training and several visits to Taiwan to learn Kung-fu and oriental weapons from Kung-fu Masters in China.

GM Chew started his first dojo in 1966, with the popularity of his Dojo and quality training he found it impossible to run Dojo without the help of assistant Instructors, so he employed 7 Japanese Instructors to assist him in this fast growing dojo.

With the hard work of GM Chew and the beauty of this Karate style, Budokan has now been practiced around the world including Australia, England, Germany, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.

(Source: Wikipedia)