Dojo Kun & Etiquette

  • Seek Perfection of Character
  • Do Your Best
  • Refrain From Violence
  • Be Faithful and Honest
  • Be Respectful


  • When called to order, form a line with the highest grade on the right-hand side. When all students are of the same grade, then the eldest student will be on the right-hand side.
  • When the line is formed the senior student will call the class to start, and all will bow to the instructor who will return the bow.
  • Sparring should only be organised under the direction of the instructor.
  • Students are not allowed to practice sparring techniques on each other where there is no supervision of Instructor.


In many cases, your instructor will be explaining or demonstrating new techniques and/or concepts to the entire class at one time. You are expected to keep quiet and listen to the instructions carefully.


  • In order to benefit from your martial arts lessons, you must train regularly. To develop flexibility, strength, speed, stamina and self-discipline you need to attend classes at least two times per week initially and later three times a week or more. Consistent training over time will yield excellent results!!
  • If you are unable to attend your regular class, inform the instructor, or dojo captain before class begins. If this is not possible for some reason then you should give apologies as soon as possible after the class.


If you are unavoidably late, bow to enter the dojo and kneel at the dojo entrance. Wait for the instructor to acknowledge your arrival before joining the class.


  • Always show enthusiasm and energy.
  • Keep any talking to a minimum.
  • Always stay focused upon the instructor and do not fidget or move while instruction or explanation is being given.
  • Demonstrate proper posture at all times (no leaning on walls etc.)