About Founder and Chief Instructor - LBKI NZ

Syed Mohiuddin, Shihan
Founder and Chief Instructor

Syed Mohiuddin, Shihan, is the driving force behind Lion Budokan Karate International. With an unwavering commitment to Karate and a profound dedication to his students, Shihan Syed has shaped the club into a thriving community of passionate martial artists.

Shihan Syed’s journey in Karate began at a young age. His love for the art form ignited a fire within him that would fuel his lifelong pursuit of mastery. With over two decades of experience, he has honed his skills and earned numerous accolades.

A true embodiment of the principles of Karate, Shihan Syed’s leadership and expertise have earned him the respected title of “Shihan,” meaning master instructor. His deep-rooted passion for Karate and his commitment to sharing its transformative power with others have inspired countless individuals to embark on their own martial arts journey.

Throughout his illustrious career, Shihan Syed has been trained under renowned masters and grandmasters worldwide. He has travelled places, seeking knowledge and constantly refining his techniques. His tireless dedication to personal growth and relentless pursuit of excellence is a shining example to all who train under his guidance.

Shihan Syed can connect with students of all ages and skill levels with a compassionate and patient teaching style. He believes in instilling discipline, self-confidence, and respect in each individual, both on and off the training floor. Through his guidance, students develop their physical abilities and mental fortitude, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve success in all areas of life.

Shihan Syed’s impact extends far beyond the dojo. As a mentor and role model, he strives to empower his students to become responsible community leaders. He instils in them the values of integrity, humility, and a sense of social responsibility, creating a positive ripple effect that extends well beyond the practice of Karate.

Recognised for his outstanding contributions to the martial arts community, Shihan Mohiuddin continues actively promoting Karate’s art through seminars, workshops, and tournaments. His dedication to the development and growth of Lion Budokan Karate International has made it a bastion of excellence and a welcoming home for Karate enthusiasts of all ages.

Join Lion Budokan Karate International today, and have the privilege of training under the esteemed leadership of Syed Mohiuddin, Shihan.