Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the appropriate age to start Karate classes at LBKI?

A: The appropriate age to join Karate classes at LBKI is at least six years.

Q: Is a free trial available before enrolling?

A: We offer a free trial for new students to experience our karate classes before committing.

Q: What does a typical training session at LBKI will be?

A. Our classes are categorised into themes. We use this unique method to maintain a balance between the stuff practitioners learn.

Our class theme could be one of the following:

  1. Kihon – We teach karate fundamentals, including Kihon – a set of techniques that cover strikes, blocks, stances, kicks, and other essential aspects of Karate.
  2. Kata – Kata is a traditional and popular aspect of Karate, consisting of organised sets of movements, strikes, and blocks. It is an integral part of our training.
  3. Kumite – We use a point system for sparring. We have a method in place that enables beginners to start at a slow pace in a safe environment. As students gain experience and progress through the belt levels, their intensity and strength gradually increase through regular practice and promotion.
  4. Self-defence – We provide self-defence training that covers a range of scenarios, such as collar grabs, headbutts, punches to the face, and pushes. All techniques are taught with close supervision to ensure safety. Students develop reflexes and confidence that can be applied to real-life situations such as dealing with bullies on the street.)

Q: Is a Karate uniform necessary, and where can we get one?

A: A Karate uniform, usually called a gi, is required for our classes, and it comes with a club patch and a white belt. The LBKI-approved uniform is available at You can purchase it after completing the registration process. However, it’s worth noting that children may wear regular clothing during the trial class and a few additional classes until their uniform arrives at your house through online order.

Q: What protective equipment is required?

A: For the safety of our students, buying gloves and mouthguards upfront is essential, in addition to the uniform upon enrollment. As students advance through the belt levels, they may also require shin & foot protectors, chest guards, etc. The LBKI-approved protective equipment is available at

Q: How does grading or promotion work in LBKI?

A: Every few months, students undergo a grading to determine their progress in Karate. The criteria for promotion to the next level vary depending on factors such as the student’s attendance, dedication, and overall improvement.

Q: Is there a grading fee?

A: Yes, a fee is charged for grading in Karate. The fee covers the cost of the grading process, certificate and the new belt. Students will be notified of the grading fee and can pay it before the grading date.


Q: Can we participate in tournaments or competitions?

A: We highly recommend that our students participate in tournaments and competitions as it provides an excellent platform to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. We will notify students of upcoming tournaments and guide them through registration. Please note that there may be additional fees associated with competing.


Q: Can members put their membership on hold or suspension?

A: Members can request a hold or suspension of their membership after being enrolled for six months. However, some specific rules and conditions apply. Please email us for more information about the process and requirements; we’ll gladly assist you.


Q: Are karate classes held during the term and end-of-year holidays?

A: During term holidays, classes are typically conducted for one week out of the two, with the same week being announced closer to the holiday period. We also have a two to three-week shutdown during the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Q. How much notice do I need to give to cancel my membership?

A. We require a minimum of 30 days written notice to cancel membership


Q. What happens to my payments over Christmas/ New Year?

A. As the monthly fees are divided equally over 12 payments in the year,
the Christmas/ New Year break and other holidays, as defined in the schedule, have been factored into your regular payments. It will continue as normal over December/January. See the full schedule below.
  • LBKI is closed on public holidays and for one week during school term holidays.
  • LBKI can be closed on an irregular day for specific unforeseen reasons.
  • LBKI is closed for up to 3 weeks during Christmas / New Year.
  • LBKI is closed for up to two days during a year for Eids. 
  • The trainer or schedule may be subject to change for specific reasons.
  • Any changes to the schedule or dojo closures will be communicated through the website or emails.
  • It is the responsibility of members to check the website regularly and emails for updates.