LBKI Rules and Regulations

Before You Start

What you need to know to start

  • Finger and toe-nails must be clean and short.
  • Jewellery, watches, metal hair clips, plastic hair bands, should not be worn when training.
  • Your uniform must be neat and tidy. Your appearance reflects on your club and instructor as well
  • Dojo etiquette
  • Do not leave your valuables in the Dojo
  • Please remain silent during karate classes
  • Turn off your mobile phones or keep them on silent mode while in the Dojo
  • Please inform us in advance should you not be able to attend a regular session.
  • Children are not allowed to run inside the club while they are not participating in the classes
  • Inform the instructor of any medical condition or injury before training.
  • Keep your uniform in good shape by removing stains. It is also essential to maintain your sleeves and pant length to an appropriate size; either too long or too short could affect your training.
  • Coloured T-shirts or sweat clothes are not permitted.
  • Only Girls/Women may wear a white T-shirt underneath their uniform.
  • Dojo badges must be worn correctly. (Refer to Uniform and badges section)
  • Please do not ask instructors about anything other than your core training topic for the day during or after classes as they may not be able to answer you. Always email us at for any queries.

What you should bring with you

  • Towel, water bottle, Protective Gears
  • If you have asthma carry your inhalers
  • If you are on any medication, please bring them with you


Uniform and Badges
  • Your uniform should be clean and tidy before each use. Your appearance not only reflects on you but also on your club and instructor. It is also essential to make sure sleeves and pant legs are adjusted to an appropriate length.
  • Coloured T-shirts or sweat clothes are not permitted. Only Girls/Women may wear a vest or T-shirt underneath their uniform. Dojo and/or organisation badges must be worn correctly.
  • All members must wear the appropriate clothing at all sessions; this will be a Dogi with club badge and current association awarded belt unless advised by the Club Instructor.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear t-shirts inside their Gi’s except during peak winter and with prior approval of the instructor-in-charge.
    Upon approval, white coloured T-shirts inside Gi is permitted for males (Optional). Club T-shirts are available to purchase.
  • Boys and men should not wear pant underneath Karate trousers
  • Women and Girls have to wear a white coloured t-shirt inside their Gi. Club T-shirts are available to purchase.
  • Women and Girls can wear tights (plain black or plain white) underneath Karate trousers (optional)
  • Plain black coloured Pullover Hijabs is allowed. No other Hijab is permitted.
LBKI Safety Rules

Compulsory Safety Equipment for Sparring at all times

  1. You must wear a groin guard (men and boys)
  2. You must wear a mouth guard
  3. You must wear gloves
  4. You must wear soft shin pads (Red or Blue only)
  5. You must have safety glasses (if you wear glasses). Glasses are forbidden.

Without safety equipment, contestants will not be allowed to participate in sparring!!

All protective equipment must be LBKI approved. Participants must have trimmed fingernails and must not wear metallic or other objects that may cause injury to their opponent.

  • Mobile phones must be switched off during training time.
  • Parents may watch their kids training where the venue has sufficient space and seating. However, they are requested not to speak, signal, try to correct or distract the students during a lesson.
  • Please do not ask instructors about anything during or after classes as they may not be able to answer you. Email us at
LBKI Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into ten belt levels before one reaches black belt:

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Brown Belt 4th Kyu
  • Brown Belt 3rd Kyu
  • Brown Belt 2nd Kyu
  • Brown Belt 1st Kyu
  • Black Belt

There are four components to LBKI training: Fundamentals, Kata, Kumite and modern Self Defence.

Fundamentals: It is the practice of fundamental techniques like blocking, punching, striking, kicking. These basic techniques require regular practice, applied with as much concentration and effort as possible.

Kata: Kata is a predetermined series of blocking, punching and countering techniques against a single or multiple attackers (armed or unarmed). Other than the fighting techniques it is also a kind of aerobics and a philosophy.

Kumite: We train point system sparring and follow WKF (World Karate Federation) rules for both Kata and Kumite.

Modern Self Defence: Karate in itself is a complete self-defence system. Our curriculum maintains a balance of traditional karate and also deals with training to prepare students in the situations like collar grabs, street fights, and other types of anti-bullying and violence.


LBKI Grading Outlines

If you participate two days/week continuously, you will be able to get your black belt in approximately five years.

We have four grading tests per year, but this does not mean that you are qualified to do all the gradings. Grading tests are invitational.

Criteria For The Grading

Grading is invitational, and you should sign and bring all the forms back before the deadline.

Karateka (student of karate) will be called randomly and should know all the requirements and perform accordingly based on the next level that they wish to reach, and they need to:

  1. Wear the CORRECT uniform with the LBKI logo.
  2. Karateka needs to know their kata(form), basics(kihon), kumite(point system sparring), and bunkai (explanations of katas).
  3.  It is not mandatory to know all Japanese terminology.
  4. Karateka must bring all their safety equipment to Kumite (sparring) testing.
  5. In order to pass the grading, you need to demonstrate the Katas with the correct Eye direction, balance, power, speed, and the rhythm. As well as the spirit of the kata, fighting spirit (zanshin).
  6. Remember your next belt is not a gift or prize you should earn your belt based on your control, manner, character, knowledge, terminology, and understanding of the technique and your highest performance and remember karate begins with respect and ends with respect.
  7. Grading fee once paid is not refundable.
  8. Please think positive, and you will succeed. If you fail, don’t worry you register again and you will do it within two months.

Note: for all the black belt grading there will be two years probation to receive their certification. If any of the black belts leave LBKI without permission of the Chief Instructor, or disrespectfully, and/or join another association without a proper way of respect and explanation, their certification will be expired immediately.

All the best and good luck!

LBKI Membership Renewal
  • All members must have a current membership to train. Current members must complete an annual membership form and submit it with payment at least one week before the expiry of their previous membership.
  • Please note that the annual membership fee of $50 for renewal will be charged every June.