The club expects students to maintain a high standard of dress. LBKI approved uniform should be worn while attending the sessions. LBKI club uniforms are available on www.wsasports.co.nz

  • All students are expected to be clean and neatly dressed.
  • All students must wear the appropriate clothing at all sessions; this will be a Dogi with club badge and current association awarded belt unless advised by the Club Instructor.
  • It is important to make sure the shirt length covers the hips.
  • Make sure shirt sleeves and pant legs are adjusted  to the correct length (not just folded, it should be sewn properly)
  • Hair must be clean and tidy.
  • Rings, earrings, studs, watches, or any jewellery should not be worn by any student while training.
  • Nails must be trimmed as they can be dangerous or hazardous to the opponent’s sparring and self-defence practice.

Male students uniform

  • LBKI-approved Karate uniform with the club badge
  • No extra pants underneath Karate pants
  • White T-shirt inside the shirt (optional in Winter)

Female students uniform

  • LBKI-approved Karate uniform with the club badge
  • White T-shirt inside the shirt(compulsory)
  • Black or white tights to be worn under karate pants (optional)
  • Plain black pull on headscarves (worn for religious reasons only)
  • Hair ties black or white (hair must be tied back)
  • No metallic clips/ headbands


Note: LBKI training t-shirts can be worn from December to March for training instead of uniform shirts.