From Shihan Syed

We are glad to announce yesterday’s Auckland Championship 2022 results to you.

9 Gold, 13 Silver and 10 Bronze Medals for Lion Budokan Karate International is a fantastic outcome. Congratulations to all!!

I congratulate the following for their winning, their hard work, spending the whole day and striving for the best.

  • Aaliya Bhamji
  • Aamina Omar
  • Ammaar Mohammed
  • Ayesha Omar
  • David Wood
  • Glenn Nummy
  • Hamdan Aftab
  • Hibban Mohammed
  • John Ikenasio
  • Liam Nummy
  • Maarya Bhamji
  • Mara Fisher
  • Mariann Tom
  • Rayhaan Nand
  • Rohan Nand
  • Ron Nand
  • Saadia Sehrish
  • Sriram Paranthaman
  • Syed Israruddin
  • Syed Saifuddin
  • Tarik Fisher
  • Tehreem Fatima
  • Theo Fisher

Thanks to all the instruction team for doing your best in helping me maintain/improve the quality of training. Your passion for teaching is getting these fantastic results for the club. Some of you have also helped deliver Tournament training in the past few weeks.

  • Sebastian Derksen, Senpai
  • Taufil Omar, Senpai
  • Richard Cooper, Senpai
  • Ammaar Marzook, Senpai
  • Suresh Din, Senpai
  • Syed Israruddin
  • Saadia Sehrish
  • Zaki Omar
  • Layla Omar
  • Jane Dwyer
  • Ron Nand
  • Inge Kaemink

I would also like to thank Senpai Sebastian Derksen and Syed Israruddin for being a coach helping and supporting the participants tirelessly. You both did a fantastic job, guys – Well done!

Thanks to Hafsah Jehan for all her hard work, mainly in the background, but we saw you supporting and cheering our team yesterday, especially when they were doing Kumite. That was great motivation.

Thanks to all the participants’ parents, guardians, friends and siblings who came to support the club and your family. This means a lot!

Finally, thanks to those who couldn’t attend the event but sent us your wishes.

PS: If you are interested in tournaments, you must be a part of the LBKI tournament team. Please email me if you are interested and only if you are not already in the team.

Ngā manaakitanga

Mohiuddin Syed
Shihan | Chief Instructor