From Shihan Syed

Kia Ora

What a fantastic day it was yesterday! A day full of victories, emotions, trophies and medals. The bright sunny day was most suitable for outdoor fun and family activity, but not for the LBKI tournament team and their families. We preferred to spend the day indoors and claim some victories, learn some lessons, share the love in our beautiful family-club environment, and most importantly, be there to support the club.

Here are some numbers to give you a better understanding of our outstanding results.

Thirty-three candidates from the LBKI tournament team participated in the event. In total, we won 41 (trophies and medals).

  • First place (11 )
  • Second place (15 )
  • Third place (12 )

Participants’ belt levels were from Yellow belt to all the way Black belt.

There were three events in total, and LBKI represented all in some capacity:

  • Individual Kata
  • Individual Kumite
  • Team Kata

Out of 33 participants who attended, 26 claimed 1st, 2nd or 3rd places in their respective categories. Some who didn’t manage to win anything have shown excellent sportsmanship and proven to be crucial parts of the team. Regardless, everyone has learnt at least a thing or two – not only from the Karate-do side but also some real-life lessons. I take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who participated.

The LBKI Team (Admin and Instructors) congratulate the following for winning. Against the name in the parathesis is the number of medals (or trophies) the candidate has won.

  • Aamina Omar (3)
  • Aariz Mohammed (1)
  • Ahnaf Fahim (1)
  • Aneeq Fahim (2)
  • Arham Marzook (1)
  • Ayesha Omar (3)
  • Dhvij Patel (1)
  • Glenn Nummy (2) 
  • Hriyaan Tipre (1)
  • James Harrison (1)
  • John Ikenasio (1)
  • Kalporshi Maity (2)
  • Laxman Paranthaman (1)
  • Layla Omar (3)
  • Liam Nummy (1)
  • Mariann Tom (2)
  • Mujahid Isaacs (1)
  • Nikhil Sahil Nadan (1)
  • Rohan Elijah Nand (1)
  • Ron Nand (1)
  • Saadia Sehrish (2) 
  • Sarugan Parthipan (1)
  • Syed Saifuddin (2)
  • Tehreem Fatima (1)
  • Zaki Omar (3)
  • Ziyan Semar (2)

My special message for winners

Congratulations!!! Your victory in the tournament should not slow you down or leave an impression that you are the best. Remember, there is always room for improvement. You guys have great potential and have a long way to go. Take this opportunity to improve your training standards and aim for the best in the next tournament and your life per se.

My special message to those who didn’t make it to the medals

Victory comes with lots of effort and persistence. I know you have tried your best – which is a victory. However, keep your sportsmanship alive and do not get disappointed. Winning and losing is part of life, and losing is okay sometimes. The results of this tournament should not stop you from attending more competitions.

My special message to all participants

Consistency and Persistency are crucial to success.

Attend as many tournaments as you can.

My special message to all LBKI members

Competitions are an excellent way to learn life skills. If you are not already a team member, try to join our tournament team as soon as possible.

Be punctual in your classes and spend extra time training at home.

Special Thanks

Starting with gratitude to God, I must mention the passion and the hard work put in by our instruction team in the classes and our admin and technology team in the background. The outstanding results show that all are doing great. Our Instructors team comprises of:


  • Sebastian Derksen, Senpai
  • Taufil Omar, Senpai
  • Richard Cooper, Senpai
  • Ammaar Marzook, Senpai
  • Suresh Din, Senpai
  • Syed Israruddin
  • Saadia Sehrish
  • Zaki Omar
  • Layla Omar
  • Jane Dwyer
  • Ron Nand
  • Inge Kaemink
  • James Harrison

Without the help of Hafsah Jehan for helping me organise the team and keeping the medals tally on the tournament day, this email would not have been possible. Syed Israruddin’s excellent skills helped me with the smooth process of tournament registration and communication with the participants.

Last but not least, you, the members, families and guardians, have been a fantastic supporter of the club throughout its different stages of growth – so thank you!

To view some of the tournament photos, visit our Facebook page at

Ngā manaakitanga

Mohiuddin Syed
Shihan | Chief Instructor